Image by Kyle Johnson

The Foundations

In this section, we will guide you all through the patented Leaky setup process to kick off your passive revenue earning. The aim here is to provide a path even your tech-avoidant grandparents could follow to supplement their income.


Pick the 'Right' browser

Most of us use Chrome/Firefox/Safari but for us to maximise our Satoshis per hour - we will need a browser that enhances and compounds our gathering. It needs to be lightweight and agile to allow multiple tab management but there are other benefits to choosing the right browser...

Build your faucet list

As we very quickly found out on our free-money search, the internet is littered with Scam's, Ponzi schemes and a lot of porn. Let us do the heavy lifting when it comes to trawling through the Faucet sites - we'll teach you how to find the highest paying, least advert-laden and most rewarding profile system's out their.

Build a longterm strategy

Hunting Satoshi's isn't a get-rich quick scheme. This is a hobby, one that becomes lucrative over time. You need patience young Satoshi hunter. With a longterm plan in place you're bound to succeed, here, take ours.

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