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Guide: Honeygain, A Passive Earner

Most internet users today hold an Unlimited data plan. By proxy therefore, their monthly assigned data-usage limit will never be fully utilised. This is where Honeygain comes in.

Honeygain provides everyday internet users the ability to share their excess data-usage bandwidth with businesses that require it for performing anayltics - without affecting their surfing bandwidth or comprimising personal data security.

The Honest Part:

It's completely safe and it does payout but...

The payment structure is low to begin with. You won't get rich or supplement your income just by signing up. However, with a bit of cleverness and some affiliation you can certainly pull an easy $20 a month with no real input.

The Hard Part:

Garnering affiliation/referrals is the oft-overlooked part to these passive money makers. Sure you can set it and forget it, taking in about $20 every 2 months on the average internet connection across two personal devices.

The real money however, comes in when you start shilling your referral link to your nearest and dearest. Get all the friends and family involved that you can and don't stop there.

Look for platforms to spread the word on the Internet. Almost everyone has a social media account now and while nobody wants to be 'that guy or girl' spreading affiliate links on facebook, Honeygain counter this by attaching a free $5 to your link to get your friends started.

You can also target the 'Internet money making audience' more aggressively by using Ad funnel systems provided on faucet sites like Cointiply or Faucet Crypto. These allow you to create your own PTC ad's for pushing traffic to your Honeygain link for as little as $3.

You could also go the other route to increasing revenue and that is to have as many devices connected under your profile as possible. This could be useful for those with access to multiple wifi connections.

There's many youtube videos highlighting the benefits and tricks - see the below from one of our preferred youtubers for some tips on increasing revenue flow from the app:

The Reward:

Our confirmed earnings are shown in the screenshots below and as you can see this was achieved within 24 days of downloading the app.

In the name of transparency, this was largely due to funneling referrals through the sites mentioned above (Cointiply or Faucet Crypto), but could similarly be achieved via social media platforms or otherwise.

App Downloaded & first 5 days on two devices (and no affiliates):

First Payout:


Anyone who downloads and just leaves the app running on their phone and computer can earn an easy $20, paying out roughly six times a year. For those with the platforms or initiative to seek affiliate earnings on top, this has the potential to be a steady albeit small earner to assist in your cryptocurrency investment strategy.

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Yours Respectfully,

The Leaky Teacher

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