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Guide: Faucet of Bob

Not your everyday Auto

Firstly, this isn't your ordinary AutoFaucet. There's more complexity, user features and rewards available (in our opinion) from this than many of the others we've tested.

That's why we've rushed to create this guide and share with you all what we consider a true gem in the Faucet world. Its a large guide so please take a seat.

We'll break this up into the sections listed below:

#1 - The Faucet/AutoFaucet

#2 - PTC's and Offerwalls

#3 - Videos & Jobs

#4 - Mining

#5 - Investment Game (Hi/Lo)

#6 - Referral scheme & other Perks

#7 - Blog/site news

#8 - Membership Program - and how best to take advantage of it

Faucet of Bob Guide: The Faucet's

Upon registration to the site you are greeted with the above menu banner and the below Faucet, allowing you to spin for free, hourly.

The credits (known as Bits) won from this faucet, like all bits earned on Faucet of Bob, can be either 'Withdrawn' as EXS (ExpressCrypto Silver Currency - tied to a set Fiat value) or spent on Advertising and the AutoFaucet.

Spinning wins you anywhere between 150 and 10,000 Bits initially, but the values increase with membership levels - which we'll discuss further down.

Below you can see what winning free Bits looks like:

Now take those Bits you've just earned and fire them into the Auto faucet - just click the button shown below:

Once you're in, tick the coins you want to earn per minute, select your boost level and let it do the rest while you get onto other earning methods!

Faucet of Bob Guide: PTC's/Offerwalls

There's not much to cover in this section, they're the same as all PTC's - other than the aside that as far as making quick Bit's goes, stick to the higher paying ones to save time (50 / 100 bits per ad).

The Offerwalls section is large and provides links to the usual suspects; Wannads, Skippyads, Asiamag, Bitswall etc.

Faucet of Bob Guide: Jobs & Videos

Alternative methods of earning bits include micro-jobs like - Promoting their site on your own (I guess this counts) and other platforms like Youtube.

You could also choose to watch Ad videos and be paid in Bits for your time:

Faucet of Bob Guide: Mining

Now this is where the profit comes in. Most of us have a fairly good home PC - and even those that don't are on the bottom end of good in 2021. And the Web Miner works well enough for those with a truly terrible machine.

For those of us with a respectable machine, Bob's self-built GUI CPU/GPU Desktop Miner allows you to earn a proper amount of bits, overnight.

Once you hit a threshold of bits, it pays immensely to upgrade your membership level. Doing so decreases the Hash/Bits exchange rate from '1000 Hashes/Bit' all the way down to '250 Hashes/Bit'.

This is a solid way to earn your way up the membership levels:

Set the Desktop miner to run overnight, morning comes and you can spend your earned Bits on Membership levels, Advertising, the Auto or even save them to cash out as EXS - making it exchangeable with a multitude of different altcoins on ExpressCrypto.

Faucet of Bob Guide: Investment Game (Hi/Lo)

Faucet of Bob's version of the Hi/Lo Gambling game concept incorporates elements of basic day crypto trading - guess whether the value of BTC will go 'Up' or 'Down'. Simple right?

Faucet of Bob Guide: Referral Scheme and other Perks

Another lucrative part to the site is the Referral scheme, you earn 5% as a base across Faucet spins, Offer completions and *shudders* Shortlinks. Maybe your Referrals are braver than I on the last one.

Obviously the same as any referral based downstream, fauceteers usually get bored after a few months at the most. Sometimes you get a true Satoshi warrior, patient and knowledgable who completes many tasks, offers and spins. Those are hard to find, reward the ones you get!

You could also purchase your referrals, Bob allows this and it can increase your Bit collections exponentially.

As well as others, they host a Contest for who can collect the most Referrals in a month. With a top prize of half a million Bits!

Faucet of Bob Guide: Blog/Site News

This is a nice feature to see on a Faucet site - promoting transparency in the digital realm of decentralisation is in keeping with Satoshi-philosophy and that shared by most of the Altcoins. Community. It seems to be kept very up-to date too - Bravo Bob.

Faucet of Bob Guide: The Membership Program

Now this is the juicy part. In all our hunting we look for a solid membership program behind the site to imply a strong userbase, progressive rewards and the ability to fully take advantage of everything the site offers.

As you can see from the below breakdown the tiers vary in cost and benefits provided, with a 'Free Account' having the most Basic outputs:

Our recommendation for navigating up this is as written above: download the desktop GUI Miner and set it to work during the evenings/idle time. Rack those hashes up and exchange for Bits, 'Exchange' those bits for EXS and finally, Membership levels.

We suggest 'Climbing' through the ranks, this seems to be the quickest 'free' route.

By doing so you're able to reap the full benefits Faucet of Bob offers. Over double on the Faucet Multiplier and a quarter of the CPU Mining Hash Rate are the most important to note.

Just remember; there's a route to making a decent amount from all of the faucet sites we list but, it takes time, patience and some knowledge of the mechanisms that influence the sites' outputs.

We're here to help with the latter.

Yours Respectfully,

The Leaky Teacher

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