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CryptoFaucets: A General Guide

We maybe should have led with this guide, oh well no harm done.

So, what is a CryptoFaucet?

Back in 2013 when Bitcoin was still finding it's feet in the world, the first Faucet's were birthed. These sites were created with the goal of spreading mass crypto-adoption through offering digital coin collecting to the wider public, free of charge.

The rewards from these sites are low, hence the name 'Faucet' - coins drip through like water leaking from a faucet. The real reward comes from what's called 'HODLING' your Crypto Assets until they become valuable.

There are thousands of Faucets out there and several forms they can take. The traditional manual 'Captcha' faucet often coupled with an ascending payout structure divvied by a Slot-machine like roller, is the most common:

While offering low payouts these rollers also offer the chance at snagging a $300 prize, every hour for free so you can see the attraction.


You also have what we call Multi-sites. These have a Faucet offering as their primary feature but also multiple other ways to earn in-house tokens to exchange for Fiat or Crypto. A couple examples of Multi-sites are listed below (all checked for safety, as per our Charter):

#1 Cointiply - Faucet, Offerwalls (sign-up offers), Surveys, Paid to click Ad's (PTC's), Multiplier, Lots of bonuses like daily login and effort based multipliers.

#2 ESFaucet - Exactly the same as Cointiply but not as well known, they offer a startlingly good membership program which boots earnings massively and removes Captchas from the faucets. We have a guide on how best to work this one coming out soon.

#3 Faucet Crypto - We've fallen head over heels for this one; aesthetic layout, responsive support team and community. Offerwalls, PTC's, a Faucet claimable every half hour. It's got it all and looks to emulate Cointiply's success - we feel it offes a better profile levelling system in comparison.


These are a bit more complex but in our opinion just as rewarding if not more so - provided you select the right ones.

These sites work by offering users the ability to earn much like a Multi-site with the key difference being that they also offer what is called an AutoFaucet.

You can probably guess, it's a Faucet that pays out automatically, without your interaction.

To 'Run' the AutoFaucet, users must earn the sites token through Offerwalls, Tasks, Surveys and sometimes even Mining. Once earned, they can use those tokens to operate the faucet and depending on how many the user has earned, they could leave it running for hours.

These AutoFaucets pay into what is known as a Draft-Wallet, a site that holds the Auto's rewards and allows the user to cashout once it has reached a minimum threshold.

An example of these Draft-wallet sites would be either ExpressCrypto or FaucetPay.

Our favourite Autofaucet by far is Faucet of Bob - which we believe is affilliated with ExpressCrypto as they both offer EXS/EXG - ExpressCrypto's in-house currency.

Regardless of the Faucets you pick, it pays well to have a mixture in your repertoire. As a tip; Earning/Purchasing the higher tier Membership options provided on Faucets almost always pays off.

Yours Respectfully

The Leaky Teacher

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