Image by Dimitri Houtteman

The Definitive list of safe Faucets

All tested, all payout


Large Faucet's/Offerwalls/Multisites

In order of best paying


#1 Cointiply

Recognised as the number 1 high paying Faucet & Offerwall site. They have a profile progression system offering high bonuses for the Faucet as well as an 'Item/Loot' system to further increase payout bonuses. The peoples favourite and highest daily payouts of all the faucet sites.


#2 ES Faucet

A relative newcomer, going from strength to strength in our opinion. Offers everything cointiply offer with the bonus of paying out in 14 different cryptocoins, 15 if you count their own. As with Cointiply, levelling your account and storing the faucet crypto as the site's 'Currency' (ESCoin), will serve you best in a longterm Satoshi hunting strategy.

Faucetcrypto logo.png

#3 Faucet Crypto

While we are still testing this one - it's too good not to share. Payouts are high for tasks and surveys and the faucet is claimable every Half hour. 
With a daily login reward, Item/loot system (superior to cointiply's in our opinion) and a profile levelling model makes it a solid 'Multisite' to add to your list.



This one can be a little tiring with the ads but we've included it in our list as it is relatively high-paying. Racking up levelling bonuses alongside the daily login bonus will suffice to add to the penny-pile. The layout is nice and there isn't too much redirection when clicking through the pages.

Each site has the capability to pay over $10 a day and much more with affiliation.



Set and forget

#1 ExpressCrypto

Much like faucetpay, this links with a lot of the Autofaucet site's and you will require at least one 'draft' wallet to claim from them. We suggest this one.
Membership/profile levelling program alongside a chat rain system like cointiply's and a vibrant community happy to help with all your faucet queries.


#2 Faucet of Bob

This is easily our favourite Auto'. Very high paying, many coin payouts to choose from and a very reasonable membership program that can double your earnings. Like all the sites we display, this also offers affiliate opportunities as well as multiple other routes to claim the tokens required to operate the autofaucet.


#3 Fire Faucet

A renowned autofaucet so not to be missed from your list. Like Faucet of Bob, it offers many ways to earn the Autoclaim tokens and has a high paying rate for the coins it offers on the Autofaucet.
Definitely one to level the profile on - it has a good support team and is still being actively updated with new content.


#4 CryptoLovers

You've got to be Shortlink-savvy for most auto's and this one is no different. However it offers one of the highest auto-credits payouts of this 'Faucet in a box' type of site.

#5 Devils Heaven

Another Shortlinky Auto, you'll get very skilled at them if you use a few daily. This one can be set to run for many, MANY hours and links with Express Crypto like the others listed here.

#6 MCM Auto

Another like the previous two and one of our favourites. Ample Shortlinks and other methods of earning auto-token and consistent payouts. Add it to the 'Set and forget' pile you should be making.

#7 Dutchy Final Auto

If this list were in order of best payouts, Dutchy, would be at the top with Bob. This is one of those massive sites with a million and one ways to earn. Including staking multiple coin types, offerwalls, 'Jobs' and more. One that should be invested in.

#8 AutoClaim

Another like Dutchy although younger and still expanding their site features. It offers multiple angles to take from the faucet and even an "all at once payout" option if you're impatient or have stacked a lot of Faucet tokens.

Our tip with these is to earn the auto credits through the week and set the auto faucets to run over the weekend. It also helps to be skilled with Shortlinks.