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The Faucet Hunting Guide

How to discern the malicious sites from the cash cows


Which ones do I choose?

Make a list and check it twice

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Step 1

Pick from our Faucet list, this will give you a grounding of safe sites from which to branch out from. Several of the sites contain their own 'Faucet Lists' and you may hunt through these at your own risk. 

We will update our faucet list weekly.

Step 2

Make your own list from the faucet sites presented or other aggregators but proceed with caution as there are several danger's lurking. Here's our checklist for searching the net before we begin the site vetting and testing procedure

  • If the Faucet has a low minimum withdrawal, this is a good indicator it is a safe place.

  • Shortlinks are notoriously dangerous, we never recommend these on ANY sites, including the ones we list.

  • Generally speaking the less ads on the site, the more revenue the site is making from other means to support itself. This usually means there will be less dodgy redirective ads and more features/content for user interaction.

  • Membership programs of any kind indicate a strong user-base - it's always worth checking out the rewards system as capitalising on this is how you turn a $0.40 per day faucet into a $1.00 per day faucet.

  • If it's too good to be true, it likely is. A faucet site should never require payment of any kind to withdraw funds (that's called a ponzi scheme). If the site owners are hiding any terms that popup during our testing month, for example a hidden minimum deposit required before withdrawal, we chuck the site in the proverbial bin.

  • Account setup should be quick and require nothing more than an email address, name and possibly wallet to withdraw to.

Step 3

The final step is one of continual improvement. Refine the list you've made in step two to indicate which faucets should be manipulated hourly and which need spun only once a day.

Once this has been done, then define the faucet sites which offer the strongest rewards systems. These are the ones to funnel your free earnings to and increase bonuses through membership programs.

After you've done all that, set yourself up with a daily routine based around which faucets net you the most depending on what is completed on them. The easiest tasks are obviously free spins and PTC ads so look for sites that pay well on those.