The Browser Choice

Step 1 on your passive earning journey

Analyzing Graphs

Why should i change browsers, it's a hassle!

Everyone uses an internet browser. Most of us Chrome/Firefox/Safari with some uninformed folks still using Explorer. If your goal like ours is to maximise your Satoshi earnings while your PC Power light's green, then you'll be needing a browser that mines while your surfing the web.

This is where the likes of Cryptotab and Brave come in.

Cryptotab over Brave

For a long time Brave was the top-dog in the field of browser based crypto earning, but the relative newcomer Cryptotab takes our bandwidth for the below reasons.


Cryptotab has a less powerful ad-blocker. This is good for several reasons when satoshi hunting. 

Yes, there are a million adverts on Faucet sites and yes you will be redirected countless times before you can spin some of the site’s wheels. However, a lot of the reputable Faucet sites now employ tracking software that will report if users are using Adblock extensions. As the Faucet sites take their main revenue from Advertisement, you can see how this could impact your long-term strategy.

Rest assured here at the Leaky Faucet; we choose our faucets based on what works well with Cryptotab for exactly the above reasons. We don't like advert’s, but we REALLY don’t like being locked out of Faucet accounts containing millions of Satoshis.


With Cryptotab’s affiliate program, you can earn all the way through to the 10th level of affiliation, detailed here. This aligns with the Leaky Long-term Satoshi Strategy, whereby affiliation and the garnering of referrals is tantamount to success.


It supports all Chrome based plugins and is essentially a Chrome ‘Fork’. It uses the same GUI, imports passwords/bookmarks and can be setup in as little as five minutes. Making it a very easy swap for your default browser. By comparison it is also more efficient than Chrome making it an upgrade if all your interested in is speed of browsing.


It also allows you to set the amount of CPU being used for mining and offers a cloud boost to supplement this. By allowing you to fiddle the CPU allocated, you can strike a balance between mining and functionality whilst you hunt those sat’s.


Cryptotab is also available for mobile – the more devices using the browser, the faster your Satoshis accumulate. You should be using multiple devices to maximise gains anyway so this works in tune with that.


If you need another reason, the simple fact that the next guides your likely to read on this site have all been aligned to Cryptotab. We can vouch for the browser with multiple payout’s and an average of 400 Satoshi’s per day, just for browsing without affiliation.

To Setup:

Setup is as simple as downloading the browser and allowing the wizard to walk you through it's Chrome takeover. You really only need click the Download button and it will do the rest. If you wish to import bookmarks/passwords from chrome or elsewhere, this can be easily done via the import/export options within the Bookmark & Password manager. 
Cryptotab also offers the option ot sync with your Google account, allowing you to instantly cart over all passwords and personal details to your new browser.


Brave offers comparable yet different ways of earning whilst browsing and since we don’t use it, we won’t be writing about it – here’s a link for a Brave review. Suffice to say it is still our second choice as it does offer features to aid your satoshi hunting. Yet at the time of writing, its lack of Chrome extension functionality remains its Achilles heel.