Who or what are we?

The Peoples Crypto Club

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

The Leaky Money Faucet was created after a group of people began sharing their Faucet guides and tips amongst themselves. Later, looking to the internet, they saw a multitude of free money opportunities within the Crypto market and beyond - some large, some small. Some fake, some legit. But no real source of information on which to trust. Sure there are forums and 'guide' sites, but they are littered with referral hunters, dodgy links and a revolting amount of ads. 

While we continue to spin our chosen faucet wheels and garner a reasonable sum to support the site from just that. We will continue to guide others to those profitable and safe free-money sites with which we stay afloat. They do exist, you just need to be wise. 

Welcome one and all to the Cryptocurrency revolution, allow us to provide your free education.